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luni, 25 iunie 2018
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V. Articles (peer review journals)
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VI. Reviews
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VII. Invited conferences
  • Miclea, M. , Miu, A., Balteş, R., Avram, J. (2008). Psychophysiological analysis of an attentional bias for fearful faces in anxiety. 29th Stress and Anxiety Research Conference (STAR), 16-18 July, London.
  • Miclea, M. (2008). Computer-mediated therapy of anxiety. PaxOnline., International Symposium: Stress and Cognition. Recent approaches, Cluj Napoca, 2008
  • Miclea, M (2006)Selection procedure and admission to doctorate. Social and legal aspects of doctoral training. International workshop HRK & CEPES – UNESCO. Comparing Doctoral Training in Europe and North-America. 9-11 November, Frankfurt, 2006.
  • Miclea, M (2006)From Doctoral programs to post doc? Reflections on postdoctoral programs in a knowledge-based society. European University Association Conference. 7-9 December, Nice, 2006.
  • Miclea, M (2007)Mental health in Central-East Europe , Bloomington University, April , 2007

VIII. Literature
  • M. Miroiu, M. Miclea (2005). R’estul si Vestul, Ed. Polirom, Iasi.

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